August 31, 2021

MUSIC executive and CAPASSO COO, Wiseman Ngubo is parting ways with the digital rights licensing agency after six fruitful and game changing years.

Wiseman who is an experienced Intellectual property lawyer has been instrumental in changing and shaping the landscape of mechanical rights and production licensing, departs from the organization after creating a legacy and placing Africa on the map through the agency that is CAPASSO.

Wiseman joined CAPASSO in 2015 as a legal assistant and climbed up the ranks through his passion and hard work. This later earned him a seat as the organisation’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) where he along with the company CEO, Jotam Matariro steered the ship in the right direction.

Ngubo has been a driving force in the implementation of multi-territorial digital licenses across the African continent and he has always acted on and advocated for the collaborations of Collective Management Organizations in Africa.

The music copyright maestro was appointed as advisor on the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for the Copyright Amendment Bill. His work will follow him ahead of his new journey as his unmatched knowledge, humanity and passion for the music industry created the unshakable giant that he is.

Talking about his departure, Wiseman said: “Saying goodbye to the CAPASSO family has been emotionally taxing for me. We have created a one of a kind team here which carries a clear mandate in unison. Everyone at CAPASSO prides themselves in doing their best to ensure that member interests are top of mind at all times. This simple mindset is the true success of the organisation and will ensure that it grows ever more exponentially going forward. I am proud of the work we have done thus far but I am also excited for what Jotam and the team will continue to do going forward.”

Jotam added: “I am blessed to have had an opportunity to work so closely with Wiseman. Through him I leant that passion drives efficiency. It is rare to work with someone with whom you share the same passion and vision in the manner we did. Decision making was spot on all the time. Our vision has been to promote the collection of musical works royalties across the African continent and to prove that Africans are able to compete with the rest of the world. This we achieved through setting up a successful African Digital Licensing hub at CAPASSO that has the blessings of CISAC Africa Committee. I would like to wish WizeyQ all the best as he enters the next chapter in a profession that he so loves. I know he is so attached to CAPASSO. For this reason I assure him and all our members and clients that the team that we assembled is more than ready to take over the button. All the best TaWize.

August 31, 2021

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